Guantanam-Oh, Baby! Top 10 Sex Tips From Detainees


We spoke with former Guantanamo detainees about the sexy moves that get their hearts racing. Here are their spiciest sex tips to use on your man:

Force Him to Stay up all Night.

The Committee against Torture has noted that sleep deprivation for prolonged periods can break down the will and inhibitions. Have a sexy competition to see who has the stamina to keep going, so you can both explore uncharted sexual territory!

Use Blindfolds.

Guantanamo residents unanimously agree—these sexy props are a staple for a reason! They add so much sexy mystery to any position you force him into. He’ll literally go crazy not knowing where your next lick, kiss, or stroke will land!

Ration Him Bland Food!

Ration some of your evening meal to share with your partner in a sensual feast. Tiny bites of rice and beans doled out slowly over the course of the evening will keep him (desperately) wanting more!

Get Rough.

Detainees reported that the guards were unnecessarily rough whenever physical contact was necessary. Don’t forget this when you’re in his nether region! His pleasure sacks have thousands of nerve endings and paying special attention to them is sure to drive him nuts!


Swap Undies!

While being forced to parade naked in women’s underwear, many detainees claimed that the silky panties felt great on their manhood. Bonus: women’s panties make his member look huge and that confidence will pay off on the sleeping mat!

Play ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’.

Try giving him the most intimate of kisses while his face is covered in plastic and you’re pouring water all over it. If you’re feeling extra kinky you can douse him with each of these alternately.

Let Him Fantasize!

Most of the detainees we spoke with confessed that they thought about being somewhere else as often as every waking hour. Stick him in a closet or other enclosed space and make him beg to be somewhere else. You’ll definitely leave him wanting more!