Fox News Panelists Blame Global Warming on Working Women

lou dobbs working women

Following last week’s report that 40% of America’s workforce is now female, Fox News host Lou Dobbs held a panel asking if the influx of professional working women could be responsible for other dangerous trends, such as global warming.
“I have noticed I’ve been sweating more than usual these last couple years, but I thought it might just be my age,” Michael Clemente, Fox’s Executive VP, claimed. “I suppose it might be because of all the photocopies women are making and their long phone calls home to their kids.”
“We wouldn’t say for sure that climate change is happening,” added Executive Editor John Moody. “But if it is, then yes, I’m sure working women are factoring into its cause in a major way.”
Lou Dobbs fortified the argument, stating that, “Working women are energy-sucking freeloaders who have no respect for the purity of nature.”

“Think about it: they get up in the morning, take 20-minute showers, consume massive amounts of chemical hygiene products, blow-dry their hair, leave the fridge open while they make the kids lunch, all before settling in at their desks to power on their energy-sucking computers. Nature intended men to work because they simply use fewer resources.”
“Like urinals,” Moody chimed in.
After the resulting backlash, Fox News host Megyn Kelly invited Erickson and Dobbs onto her show to challenge the claims, asking “what makes working men less likely to cause global warming than working women?”
Erickson responded, “Scientifically, men are designed to consume more resources and produce more emissions than women. It’s only natural that that tradition should extend to the workforce, and only becomes a problem when women tip the balance to a level that’s unhealthy for our planet.”
To the applause of women everywhere, Megyn Kelly then “shredded” Erickson’s argument by denying the existence of global warming and abruptly ending the segment.