Fox Finds Out Mindy Kaling is an Indian Woman, Cancels Show

Reductress - Mindy Kaling

Fox Broadcasting Company has abruptly canceled freshman sitcom, The Mindy Project, after discovering that it’s titular star, writer and producer, Mindy Kaling, is an Indian woman. Executives were somehow under the impression that Kaling was African-American when they green-lit the series, and hoped that her cult following could bring “urban” audiences to their Tuesday lineup.


“We wanted something a little more like a female version of The Bernie Mac Show, something that our advertisers could really latch onto,” explained one executive.  Another executive notes, “It was really cool to see a young black female professional excelling in society. But when I found out she was Indian, it just didn’t feel real to me anymore.”



A not-so-shocked Kaling added, “I’m fairly sure they thought I was Wanda Sykes when they hired me. At first I thought it was just an ongoing joke. My e-mail address has my full name in it.”


There have been rumors that Fox would revamp the show, with the lead role of Mindy recast with former MadTV star, Debra Wilson. Major advertisers immediately jumped at the opportunity to re-sign with the series, eager to support a “fresh and honest take on what it means to be a woman in America today.”