Flirting Tips That Aren’t as Effective as Screaming All of ‘Don’t Cha’ by The Pussycat Dolls

It can be hard to communicate to your crush that you’re interested, but armed with the right tips, you’ll be able to grab his attention. Of course, nothing is more effective than screaming lyrics from the Pussycat Dolls’ 2005 classic “Don’t Cha,” but they’ll come close.


Touch His Arm

Physical touch is a great way to build intimacy with a potential partner. A natural moment of closeness punctuated by a light touch on the arm is a subtle way to indicate that you’re into him. Less subtle, but far more effective, is waving your arms wildly from across the room while screaming “I KNOW YOU WANT IT! I KNOW YOU WANT IT! IT’S EASY TO SEE! IT’S EASY TO SEE!” But whatever, a pat on the arm also works.


Make Eye Contact

Sometimes showing your interest is as simple as making eye contact. A deliberate, close connection is achievable merely by looking into his eyes and smiling. You’re going want to rasp “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was RAW LIKE ME? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was FUN LIKE ME? Don’t cha? AHHHHH! Don’t cha” but don’t do it. He doesn’t actually have a girlfriend, so it might confuse him. So in this case, screaming the lyrics to “Don’t Cha” is actually less effective. But also, if he doesn’t understand what you mean by quoting “Don’t Cha” do you even want to be with him? Forget what we just said and scream away! This is a good litmus test.



Invite Him to Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun, low-stakes way to hang with someone, and an invitation like that is an adorable way to show that you wanna have “big fun,” as your Dolls would say! You’re drinking, you’re watching other people sing, you’re requesting “Don’t Cha” and singing it directly to his face… Hey, this is a normal way to flirt, okay??? Just make sure you show up to the karaoke date wearing jean shorts with a pleated kerchief attached to the butt. OMG, he can sing the Busta Rhymes part! This is the only way to flirt!!!


These are foolproof ways to get a guy’s attention, but let’s face it: the best way is to scream lyrics from “Don’t Cha” until you’re hoarse. So go ahead—“Make the place sizzle like a summertime cookout!”