Five Ways to Blatantly Ask Your Man If He Has Erectile Dysfunction

If your man can’t get it up in the bedroom, there’s only one possible explanation: he suffers from erectile dysfunction. Performance issues in the bedroom can be tough for men, so why not cut through the bullshit of embarrassment by blatantly asking him if he has ED? Here are five ways to get right to the point:


1. Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?
Cut right to the chase. Lean in and whisper in his ear, “Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?” Or just shout it across the room. One way or another, he needs to hear it.


2. What’s wrong with your penis?
This is just a more colloquial phrasing, except open-ended and more accusatory. You’ll manage to arouse his insecurities immediately.


3. Have you always been unable to perform?
This question is acceptable if you’ve only recently started sleeping with this guy. Acting like maybe the problem is with you will make him feel guilty and confused, which may be the extra push he needs to go see a doctor.


4. Do you need Viagra?
Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Politely ask him to stop thinking about changing the world and take a Viagra.


5. Are you sure you don’t have Erectile Dysfunction?
Don’t let him drop the conversation until you get to the bottom of his dick issues.


It’s important to remember that your man wants nothing less than to discuss his ED. Force the issue as assertively as possible to help your man get it, and get it up.