Five Faces to Hide That You’re Farting

So you’re on a date or at a job interview and you just can’t help but pass gas. What do you do? Hide it, obviously! Here are five faces that will hide your guilt in your next fartscapade.


Inquisitive Woman Stare off into space. This implies you are into a wide range of topics, not just uncomfortably passing gas.   Lips pursed Fart and then stare menacingly into their eyes. This will engage fear and doubt and they will second-guess if you indeed farted or not.   woman sad Play the pity angle. If you cry or complain enough that will trump in annoyingness any foul odor in the room. They’ll be telling people what an annoying crier you are, rather than a gross farter.   laughing Laughter hide’s the sound of farts. It’s also contagious, and soon, everyone will join in distracting them from your indigestion issues!   sleeping Fall asleep instantaneously! What are they gonna do? Wake you up to ask if you farted?!!!