Fat Actresses Who Know How to Flaunt It!

jennifer lawrence

Some actresses are just heavy (like Kathy Bates – BORING), but some actresses are “cool fat”, bucking that trend and owning their own unique beauty! Full-figured and unconventional beauties have been in the spotlight recently, and we’d love to celebrate our faves!

Kate Winslet

kate winslet
This Titanic-sized beauty made waves back in 1997 with her jaw-dropping nude scene with hottie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and continues to show the same sass 16 years later. The fleshy femme has racked up six Academy Award nominations and one win, and is a staple on red carpet “Best Dressed” lists for her show-stopping style, highlighting her generously proportioned shape. This large English Rose shows us that loving your body, no matter how much cellulite you have, is what’s really sexy!

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence
This box office blubbernaut and star of the Hunger Games trilogy, is on top of the world right now! With 21 film credits underneath her industrial-sized belt, this large and in-charge actress proves you really can have your cake and eat it too (and we know Lawrence wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Eva Mendes

This rubenesque triple threat is already a successful actress, but did you know that she runs a successful design company, and even more impressively, is Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend? You heard it right, ladies. Chubby chaser Ryan Gosling has finally settled down, and Eva is the lucky BBW he’s chosen to stay with. The comically mismatched pair can often be seen having dinner at The Ivy, where Mendes courageously piles on the pounds.


Keira Knightley

kiera knightley
This husky actress is the queen of the costume drama, but even tight corsets and bustles can’t contain her voluptuous curves. In 2008, Forbes magazine named this zaftig Brit the second highest paid actress in Hollywood, so this is one porker that is bringing home her OWN bacon!