Fashion Finds: Seriously, Where Are My Leggings?

Lost Leggings

Spring 2014 glam kicks off as soon as we find my leggings! You know, the pair I wore on Monday? You’ve seen this lovable fashion trending in my top drawer, my gym bag or…I don’t know where else. I’m racking my brain!
You can find these bold, yet affordable leggings for under $25 at American Apparel, but you’d probably have to go back in 2011 when I bought them. Seriously, they’re like irreplaceable. They’ve gotten stretched out but in a way that makes them actually look better. Have you seen them anywhere?
For just under $50, I found the perfect sweater dress on a deep post-holiday discount from A.P.C. And let me tell you, it would have looked great with those leggings. It’s only Thursday and I probably would have worn them at least twice by now! I really thought they’d be in the tights drawer – I’m NOT saying that leggings are tights, I’m just saying it’s fine to put them in the same drawer. Until they disappear from that drawer out of freaking nowhere. What other drawers might someone put leggings in by accident, you guys?

Someone just offered me a pair of Miu Miu metallic printed paisley skinny designer leggings as a gift during Fashion Week. I don’t have any use for them, and I’m offering them today as a reward to whoever finds my leggings. Who wants to come over and help me look? These other ones are worth over $100.
Did I let someone borrow them? I don’t know why I would do that!
The hottest fashion find this spring is going to be my leggings, I swear! They are not in the hamper. Jesus Christ. I would literally cut off my hair for these.