Dustin Hoffman Emotional Over Role in Hook: “I Now Know How Pirates Feel”

dustin hoffman tootsie hook

New footage has been unearthed from the viral interview where Dustin Hoffman explains how his role in Tootsie gave him insight into the beauty standards women are held to. In this newly discovered segment, Hoffman describes how playing the title role in Hook caused similar shifts in his consciousness: this time, regarding the pirate community.
“I realized walking around the streets of New York in character, that pirates, especially pirates with a hook for a hand, a peg leg, or an eyepatch, are judged much more harshly than other people. I asked the makeup people to make me a less threatening pirate and they said ‘this is the best we can do.'” At this point of the interview, Hoffman broke down crying. “I think I am an interesting pirate when I’m on screen, but if I met myself at a party I would probably run away, frightened.”

He continued, voice trembling: “There are innumerable, wonderful pirates I haven’t met out there, just because I was too afraid to speak to them. I’d been brainwashed into thinking they were all cruel.”
Hook was never a kid’s movie for me,” he concludes.