Dream Journal Makes Woman Realize She Loves Pepperoni

While dream journaling is often touted as a way to alleviate clinical anxiety and access a deeper level of self-knowledge, it’s not for everyone. Laurie McCabe, 34, was a skeptic of the practice, until a recent discovery caused her to have a change of heart.


“It was amazing. I could see right there on the page something I never realized: I’m fucking obsessed with pepperoni.”


Dr. Hahn suggested that McCabe keep a journal near her bed at night and write down the details of her dreams as soon as she woke up. “I’ve found it’s a good way to spot patterns, hidden desires, and food cravings,” reports Hahn.


“It felt a little woo-woo to me,” explains McCabe, “like I was interacting with a deeper subconscious — a subconscious that apparently loves this one cured meat.”


She woke up every night for the next week, and wrote down everything she could remember. “At that point, it all looked random. Me swimming in pepperoni. Me kissing a big pepperoni wearing a hat. My mom, with pepperoni slices for eyeballs, telling me she was proud of me. The only connection was the pepperoni.”



Still leery, McCabe brought her dream journal to her next appointment with her therapist and made a fascinating discovery. “For years, I felt like I had been missing something in my life. And, it turns out, I was.” McCabe realized she had not ordered pizza with pepperoni on it for years.


Later, Dr. Hahn helped McCabe trace her pepperoni-filled dreams back to her childhood and her relationship with her mother. After years of estrangement from some of her closest relatives and the trauma that ensued, she realized there was only one thing missing in her life: pounds and pounds of delicious, satisfying pepperoni. Not the cheap kind; the real good stuff.


“Do you think the pepperoni represents something else?” McCabe asked her therapist later in their session. “I don’t,” Hahn replied.


Today, a now well-rested McCabe seems at peace: “I’d really like to thank my therapist for getting me into dream journaling. I am finally ready to live my truth. I just really love pepperoni.”