Cute Ways to Decline Your Friends’ Venmo Requests

We can all agree that group outings are a nightmare. The shared meals, the shared rides, the shared drinks, and the eating half of Jenn’s order of mozzarella sticks while she’s in the bathroom. You think you’re in the clear when the check comes, but you get that Venmo request a few hours later—six dollars and a smiley face with heart eyes. Doesn’t Jenn realize that the fun and enthusiasm that you bring to the group dynamic is payment enough? How do you get out of this? Here’s a definitive list of cute ways to let your friends know that you didn’t plan on splitting those nachos, while maintaining your status as a loveable pal.


The Decline and Deny

Ignore the request, then play dumb when your friend texts you to ask why you haven’t paid up. At a loss for what to say? Try our useful script: “You Venmoed me? Really? Hmm, what time did you send it? That’s so weird! You know what? I’ll just give you cash the next time I see you.” You won’t, but she’ll probably have forgotten by then. Cheers!



The Simple Ignore

Sure, you SEE the request for payment, but that doesn’t mean you have to touch it! Leave that baby in the “Incomplete” folder, and eventually you’ll both forget about it and it will disappear into the ether, just like three quarters of those onion rings disappeared into your stomach.


The Distraction

As soon as the request comes in, text her a cute Emoji or hilarious GIF that will completely distract her from your unfinished business. Choose something that involves animals doing something human, or a pink bow with a purse that says “Let’s go shopping!” to totally sidetrack the whole “you owe me money” thing. Then, when you do go shopping, slip your smaller items into her cart and hope she doesn’t notice. Small savings add up!



The Guilt Trip

If all else fails, remind her of all the ways you’ve been there for her over the years while making it clear that you’re a little strapped for cash right now. For example, you could try saying, “Remember when you and Josh broke up and you were such a mess? Wow, I’ve never seen you like that. I must’ve spent like three whole nights with you while you cried, haha. I really hope I can pay my rent this month.”


Well, there you have it! Now you have the skills you need to reclaim what’s rightfully yours—and a little bit extra!