‘Crimson Cuteness’ and Other Euphemisms for Period Sex

Periods are natural but also gross. Fucking is the best. Getting your man to be comfortable with period sex can take weeks, or even months! Who wants to wait that long?! Instead, use these whimsical euphemisms to trick your guy into taking you to Bonetown, even when you’re on the rag:


Crimson Cuteness

Doesn’t it make you wanna just pinch dat widdle vag?! This nickname invites both affection AND passion, because who would choose just one?! Your man will be chomping at the bit after he hears this sexy and fun turn of phrase.


Bleed N’ Cuddle

This catchy label encourages closeness and intimacy and also hot fucking on your menstrual cycle. He’ll be like, “What’s that you say? Cuddling? Bleeding? Come to bed, baby.”



Blood Baes

Nothing is more fuckable than an everlasting bond. And what bond is stronger than the unifying element of blood? It runs through us all! Use this covert moniker to really get your significant other in the multiple fluid swapping mood. #Blood #Bae


Hemoglobin Hump Sesh

You’re familiar with a classic cuddle sesh. Well, traditionalism is out and being cute about period sex is in. This one will guarantee your lover is ON board and IN BED. Toss this one out and wait for the, “Stop saying ‘hemoglobin’ babe; I’m gonna cum.” And we’re off!


Sanguine Shuffle

The word ‘sanguine’ is definitely in a Keats poem and poetry is the epitome of romance and doin’ the nasty! Shuffle is like dancing and dancing is lite-fucking. Use this epithet when you want to remind your boo that you’re cultured and that you want to fuck on your period.


Ships ahoy! It’s the SS Bloodfuck and it’s here to take you and your lover to red, wet, pleasureville. Have fun, you two!