Creative Ways to Drop The ‘I Have a Boyfriend’ Bomb

Boyfriend Bomb - Reductress

When you’ve finally locked down a man, it’s important to make sure everyone knows about it. Here are some fun ways to make sure they really get it, whether they want to or not:


Compare Everything to Your Boyfriend

Are your girlfriend’s beaus not treating them right? Let them know that your boyfriend would never look at other women, not even his own family. Your friends will be sure that you not only have a boyfriend, but he is also better than their boyfriends.


Change your ringtone to your boyfriend saying, “I love you. You are my girlfriend.”

Tell your single friends how every time they call you, it reminds you that you are super loved by your new man, and you are definitely his girlfriend. Suddenly all those love songs make sense, and it’s something they simply won’t understand.


Carry Flowers With a Constantly Surprised Look on Your Face

Flowers are the perfect prop to bring to brunch with your best buds, and a great conversation starter about your boyfriend. Let them know it was a surprise and that it’s “so like him.” They’ll be forced to ask questions to verify his existence.


Tattoo his Face onto Your Body

A tattoo is a constant reminder for you and everyone else that you are forever tied to this man, even if nobody has ever met him yet. Go for the chest or wrist so you can wave it around in front of their eyes: it sounds like a big commitment, but it’s nothing compared to the relief that you’re no longer single.



Wear a Shirt that Says, “Vernon’s Girl

Even if you’re not dating someone named Vernon, it’s too specific to be some random novelty shirt, and they’ll know your boyfriend is a real person.


Stop Taking Care of Yourself Entirely

You don’t care about bathing, because you’re just that happy. So what if those around you suffer? Your relationship quirks are too adorable to be disgusting. Love is unconditional, and some people just don’t get that.