Confession: I’m Okay with Getting Candy Crush Notifications

Dear Facebook friends, there’s something you should know: I’m actually totally okay with getting Candy Crush notifications. The first time it popped up on my phone, I was like “Oh, what’s this? A text message? A cool photo I’m tagged in?” but it was actually a notification from Candy Crush. I was kind of glad that it was a Candy Crush notification and not a text because Gerri had been hassling me to go out with her to a club all week and I was already in my pajamas and didn’t feel like leaving my apartment.


The first notification was from Isaac. I got a notification saying he needed to get past level 49 of Candy Crush. Isaac once helped me get back to my dorm safely when I was drunk at a party so seeing this alert made me smile thinking of him.



Then, my friend Bethany needed an extra life on Candy Crush. I haven’t really spoken to her since high school, so it was nice of her to reach out. It was my lunch break too, so I was able to spend a few minutes giving her an extra life. It didn’t significantly cut into my lunch hour or affect me personally. It looks like she’s married now so that’s nice.


The third notification I got was in the middle of a meeting with some new clients. I quickly checked my phone because I thought it might be an email from a coworker who was running late. It was Isaac again, but this time he needed to get past level 99 of Candy Crush. I wondered if he was doing alright financially and couldn’t afford the $1.99 it takes to skip a Candy Crush level, but I just put my phone away and got back into the meeting. Although it was nice to know that I was someone he would go to if he were in need.


Looking back, I don’t think any of those Candy Crush notifications affected me professionally or personally. I wasn’t mad I received them, but I wasn’t particularly excited about them, either. I was just like, “Okay.” I really wouldn’t mind if I got one right now.