Confession: I Have SUCH A Small Stomach

I Lived it:

To most women, ladies brunch is a super fun way to enjoy a delicious meal and catch up with the besties. But for me, it’s a huge ordeal that forces me to constantly remind my friends why I’m only eating the spinach out of my egg white omelet.

The thing is, my stomach is like, seriously SO small you guys.

I know what everyone’s thinking. “But you’re so skinny! Eat a cheeseburger!” I honestly wish I could. But I can’t. Because my stomach is literally SO effing miniscule. I’m already soooooo full! What? I’m a little person! I can only fit so much into this teeny tiny body of mine! Don’t you see how little I am?

I’ve been a petite girl my whole life. Some might call me “waifish” or “a delicate flower.” In high school, when my peers were enjoying cafeteria pizza or tasty homemade sandwiches, I only had room to lick the lid of a yogurt cup.



I was teased mercilessly. I couldn’t go a day without someone calling me “cute” or reminding me how high my cheerleading teammates threw me at the last pep rally.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to accept li’l ol’ me and my itty-bitty digestive system. It’s what makes me unique – like the cutest, teensiest Russian doll that fits inside all of the other Russian dolls. I’m seriously done apologizing for being so wee! But sometimes when my friends make casual remarks on my eating like, “Are you sure you’re not anorexic?” or “It’s just, you talk about food a lot,” or, “Oh my God, did you just faint?” it takes me right back to that cafeteria table, waiting for the next cruel remark about my teensy weensy tummy.

So the next time you hear a friend say, “I can’t eat another bite!” don’t give them a hard time. For some of us, two little nibbles is plenty! We’re stuffed!

I’ll just catch a whiff of your pancakes.