Why Climate Change Has Been Great For My Hair

The planet may be getting hotter, but so am I. Climate change has been really great for my hair!


As my BFF Janelle pointed out, my hair looks better when it’s a little dirty. All of those gross greenhouse gasses getting caught in our atmosphere must be what’s causing the recent lack of frizz and added shine. (I know Paul Mitchell sure hasn’t been helping!)



My hair is sleeker then ever with the increase in temperature. My town had only twenty percent of it’s average rainfall this year, leading to drought conditions and a loss of crops – but guess what? I had literally zero days of rain and humidity induced frizziness. That’s a record! It’s the first frizz-free year in my 23 years on this planet.


Do I feel bad about the mass extinction of species? Sure! I got some of my best hair products from the rainforest. But even without them, my hair’s looking a lot better these days.


So while we may be reaching our “Eleventh Hour” as a planet, keep polluting guys! My gorgeous locks thank you.