Classy Ways to Let People Know How Much You Spent on Them

Are you not getting enough credit for how much you spend on people? Do your loved ones merely utter, “Thank you, I love this so much,” instead of tearfully congratulating you for your no-holds-barred spending tactics? If so, it’s time to start taking control of your life and start letting people know just how generous you are. Here are some extra classy ways to let everybody know exactly how much you spent on that gift, so that everyone can know exactly how much you care about them:


Adorn the price tag with gems.

People can’t resist shiny objects. Especially authentically expensive shiny objects. So glam up that price tag with nothing less than some high-octane crystal bedazzlements that highlight the price tag in a classy way. Your dog groomer will be so mesmerized by the glamorous shimmer and generous cost that they will give you non-stop gratitude hugs for the rest of your life.


Say it in a polite tone over a fancy drink, like a martini.

Nothing goes down easier than the price of something mixed with vodka and a lemon twist garnish.The success of powerful people is predicated on presentation, not quality or good judgment (although you obviously have those as well).


Fold the receipt into a fancy origami swan.

Everyone knows that fancy restaurants fold their napkins and to-go foil dessert packaging into swans. It’s a real classy move. Do the same thing with your receipt and now your family has a beautiful reminder of how much you spent on them. You’re the gift that keeps on giving, and they’re lucky to have you.



Say it in French, and then translate.
Mention something in French, and your classy quotient immediately skyrockets. Once you translate the saying into English, they’ll assume it’s a tony European tradition to share the prices of gifts. No one can resist a woman talking about personal finances with the glint of the Riviera in her eyes. All you need now is a cat.


With these graceful moves, you can turn any old gift-giving routine into a celebration of just how much you’ve made it. Remember: If a super expensive tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see how classy you are, it’s like it didn’t even happen. So make sure everybody knows just how classy you are before it’s too late.