Chris Brown Calls Out Own Seizure On Twitter

After suffering from a non-epileptic seizure early this month, Chris Brown has taken to Twitter for revenge. Team Breezy, Brown’s loyal followers and fans, woke up to a series of vicious tweets from the singer:

cb tweet1


The rant went on…

cb tweet2
Several aggressive tweets towards the seizure followed, including one accompanied by a lurid photograph of Brown holding his genitals while defecating on a hospital bedpan. The photo was promptly removed by his publicist. Brown eventually broadened his appeal, calling out all seizures.

cb tweet3

Midday, Brown applauded his fans and thanked them for their support in the ordeal.

cb tweet4
Finally by day’s end, Brown seemed to be over the drama and had moved on.

cb tweet5
When asked for comment on the tweets, Brown’s publicist responded, “I’m so tired.” The non-epileptic seizure could not be reached for comment.