Choosing the Perfect Hashtag for Your Wedding

Everyone’s hashtagging their weddings these days on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook, but how do you choose the perfect hashtag for your interactive wedding? Check out the testimonials below from brides who found just the right characters to express their unique nuptials.



Carly, 28, chose this for her ranch wedding. “Part of the ceremony involved lassoing my husband and dragging him up to the altar, so I felt like this hashtag captured that whole western look and feel we were going for.”



“Even day of, we were like, ‘I can’t believe we’re going through with this,’ so this was the perfect hashtag,” says Sarah, 27, of her union to husband Sam, 33.



“We were all pretty preoccupied with the fact that Cole was going to ship out the next day,” says Lisa, 23.



“We put a lot of work into setting up our Caribbean destination wedding and we knew it would be the best,” says Hannah, 32.



“I think the hashtag explains itself,” says Marissa, 36, who held her wedding in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel.



“We wanted a hashtag that matched the sassiness of the rest of our wedding,” say Ben, 42, and Marco, 25.




“There were no guests to live-tweet our wedding, so this was mostly just for us, but friends were able to follow along on twitter if they happened to be online that day,” say Jamie and James, both 34.



“I was so proud to show off the ultimate symbol of our love at the wedding,” says Christie, 22. “I chose a fitted dress and this hashtag to really emphasize it.”



“We wanted our wedding to be as chill and fun as possible so it was all about the Margarita bar,” says Deandra, 45.



“As an older couple we don’t quite get the hashtag thing, but wanted our guests to have the option,” says Tracy, 58.



“Our wedding’s a ways off, but we wanted people to be able to share in the fun of planning,” say Stephanie, 32, and Jordan, 33.



“I have a big personality so my wedding hashtag had to reflect that,” says Gloria, 30.



“I wanted a separate hashtag just for me,” says Shoshanna, 24. “Anything that wasn’t about me could just be tagged #groom. Or not at all.”