Buy-Sexual: How to Dress for Your New Bi-Curious Lifestyle!

Reductress - Buysexual

Congratulations! You’re open to experimenting with someone of your own gender! Get ready for a new life full of possibilities you were previously too scared to explore! How will you let both men and women know that you’re interested and available? With a brand-new wardrobe that screams, “I think I’m ready for this!”


“Hats are the #1 must-have accessory this season, particularly if you’re breaking new sexual ground,” says fashionista and part-time-lesbian Samantha Essex. “The right hat can convey just the right message, even if you’re not quite sure what that message is.”

Essex suggests starting off with something simple, like a baseball cap for your favorite team. “Both men and women who love women love talking about baseball, and with the right hat, you can find yourself waking up next to anybody, really. Plus, you can get a lot of mileage out of using the word ‘team’–it’s a fun double meaning that never really gets old.”



Remember when peasant dresses were a thing? Whatever happened to that? Guess what–you’re going to be bringing them back! Peasant dresses are just the right mix of fun and frumpy, especially when paired with printed leggings! They’re easy-on, easy-off, just like your new sexual orientation! They tell people, yeah, it’s 2013, and I am sooo relaxed and ready for whatever comes my way. Bonus tip: kick the bohemian look up a notch by pairing that dress with some boots you weather treated yourself. Nothing turns on both men and women alike like the phrase, “I left these boots in my yard for a month by accident, but I kinda like how they turned out.” You’re in like Flynn.


Still not getting through to that elusive same-sex demographic? Why not think about maybe getting straight to the point with a tee that says exactly what you mean? We sent our bi-curious intern Rachel out for a night to a few popular bars, and here’s what she reported back:  “I think people found the ‘I’m having some feelings that make me think I might go both ways now?’ shirt a little too vague,” she says. “But the ‘I want to have sex with a woman tonight’ shirt really worked wonders!” So, when in doubt, if you’re too tongue-tied to put yourself out there, let your clothes do all the talking!