Bra Uncomfortable

After a day spent trying to convince herself otherwise, Grace Thompson finally admitted that her bra is uncomfortable. Thompson, 34, describes the sensations felt while wearing the support garment as ranging from “itchy” and “constricting” to “too loose in the straps.”


“I can’t put my finger on what it is,” says Thompson. “But this bra is uncomfortable.”


After several unsuccessful attempts to adjust the bra and affirmations from her peers that she was doing the right thing, Thompson resolved to throw the bra in the trash as soon as she gets home. “I had one just like that,” said close friend, Maggie Walters. “It was terrible.”


The bra’s manufacturer, Bali, released a statement claiming that “This appears to be an isolated incident,” and that “steps are being taken to investigate [the customer’s] concerns.” Representatives for the brand found no reason that the garment could cause discomfort, citing the “serrated elastic design of the band.”




But Thompson strongly disagrees: “I know what I felt and it was not good. That seam drew blood. Or maybe it was the underwire, I’m not exactly sure.”


Experts recommend scheduling a fitting with a professional in order to avoid problematic fits like Thompson’s. Says Jenna Brown, sales associate at Gap Body, “A bra strap should conform to your chest and run evenly across your torso.” Brown adds, “At least that’s what they say in the training video. I only wear sports bras.”


Still, Thompson is tempted to keep the bra despite the discomfort. “I don’t have a cute pink one,” she says, “so I could save it for a sexy night in with my husband if I only kept it on for a few minutes.” She adds, “I was in a scoliosis brace for six years, so I guess this isn’t so bad.”