Same Blouse Brought to Record Fifth Clothing Swap

Friends of Rita Chan were forced to confront her this Thursday, after a Forever 21 woven peasant top made it’s fifth reappearance at their biannual clothing swap.


“We just couldn’t take it anymore,” says host Janine Warren. “I mean we all bring some duds to the swap, but this has gross, yellowed patches in the pits. She’s been trying to unload it on us for over two years – throw it out already.”


Roommate Emily Nasarewski agrees: “Even when Rita bought it, a peasant top seemed hokey and out of fashion; but we were going to Bonnaroo, so the rest of us just let it slide. I guess she’s still trying to justify the purchase and get us to validate her bad taste? No one wants that piece-of-shit peasant top.”



Chan spent previous clothing swaps encouraging others to try the blouse on, suggesting different combination bottoms to make the blouse work, and even forcing an impromptu “fashion shoot” of people wearing the top. “Rita posted like 10 pics of me in that thing on Instagram,” says Warren. “There aren’t enough filters in the world to hide that shitty blouse.”


Says Chan: “I really think this top is meant for someone special. It would be a shame to see it go to waste. Oh well. Maybe next time.”