Ariana Grande: ‘I Started Out as a Bratz Doll’

What up Arianators?! It’s your girl, Ariana Grande!


So as all you superfans know, despite my crazy insane fame and totally crazy life, I’m still just a super down-to-Earth Florida girl who still puts her acrylic weaves on one layer at a time. But lately, people have been spreading rumors that I’m a diva, saying I only like to get photographed on one side, have wished death upon my fans, and that I don’t like being compared to Mariah Carey. But hey, that’s not true – I’m really just a down-to-earth former Bratz doll, born and raised.


It is a total lie that I don’t like to be compared to Mariah. Even though she’s a quarter of a century older and seventy pounds heavier than me, any comparison to her is a HUGE compliment – not only because she is so much bigger than me, but also because of her massive talent. As someone who came up as a little old Bratz doll, I am humbled by my fame. If I come across aloof or guarded, it’s just because I’ve been trying to be more than my past while never losing sight of my roots as a Bratz doll.


I started out as a tiny little Bratz Babyz. But if you think I had it made because I was born sexy, with a flowing acrylic ponytail glued to my head, and drank from an accessorized bottle on a chain, you’re wrong! I would wake up on my bedazzled nap pillow to nothing but problems. Whether it was my pet spider monkey Lil’ Red escaping, or my best frenemies Fianna and Megyanne plotting against me, I dealt with my share of hardships.



When I grew into a full-blown Bratz, I thought things would get easier, but they didn’t. I would accessorize in the latest fashionz, put on my best plastic snap-on jewelz, and yet none of that would be good enough for my peers, Cloe, Shira and Roxxxy. See not only were we competing with Be-Bratz, Bratz Petz, Bratz Boyz, and Bratzillaz (a monster Bratz spinoff line that, to be real just did not work), we were competing with ourselves.


I would often look in the mirror and ask myself, “do I have a nose?” (I couldn’t really tell because my eyes and lips were so big), and wonder, “what’s my purpose?” You see even though I had the ability to say catch phrases like “wanna fashion tip?” I had no real voice. So when I had the opportunity to sing (outside of my cameos in the straight to DVD Bratz Rock Angelz and Bratz Girlz Rock), I took it and I’ve never looked back.


So now that I’ve decided to tell you my story, I hope that you’ll know that I’m no diva and I truly appreciate this journey I’ve been on. When you start out as a Bratz doll, you don’t take things like this for granted. You don’t expect people to bow down to you because you’re used to being so tiny. I hope after reading this, you’ll recognize how far I’ve come. Love your gurl, Ariana “Lil’ Red” Grande.