Are Your Friends Making Pregnancy Pacts Behind Your Back?

You and your friend group do everything together—you moved to the same big city, got jobs in the same field, go to the same parties, shop at the same stores, laugh at the same jokes, and brunch at the same hot brunch spots. If this is your sitch, you probably have the same nightmare of waking up one day and realizing that all of your friends have gotten pregnant without you. Pregnancy pacts are the most solemn bonds we share with our fellow sisters, and finding yourself on the outside of an adult pregnancy pact can be a shock to anyone. Are your friends making preggo pacts behind your back? Let’s just imagine how awful that could be:


You thought that you could trust your friends, but apparently you were wrong. For the past few weeks your friends said they were busy going to various fitness classes and picking up extra shifts at their respective jobs. All of a sudden, they start gaining weight rapidly, and you wonder why since they’ve all been juicing like crazy. Suddenly, it hits you: Their Drynuary has been going on for months now. The only possible answer? They all made a pregnancy pact and left you out of it.


The reality of the betrayal sets in. For the rest of their adult lives, your friends will be making playdates at places that childless people can’t get into, like the playground and Chuck-E-Cheese’s. Even if you meet someone, fall in love, and get pregnant, you’re still going to be months, potentially even years behind their bond, as they smile knowingly at your clumsy foray into early motherhood, if you’re even lucky enough to have a baby. How could they do this? They knew this would hurt you, but they went ahead and let their husbands sperminate them without consulting you first. The ultimate betrayal. Your friends are selfish and you are the only good person you know. Why didn’t they say something??



You realize you’re going to have to find a new set of friends. Real friends wouldn’t make a pregnancy pact and quietly agree to get pregnant without you. Real friends would wait for you to fall in love, get married, or at least make an appointment with an adoption agency before they decided to get pregnant. Now your womb is empty and your eggs are dying as your fertile friends walk around with smug expressions and talk about how much their feet hurt. You have to stay strong.


If you’ve found yourself on the outside of a pregnancy pact, now is the time to delete their numbers from your phone, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to start the next chapter of your life: a barrenness pact, with yourself.