Are Your Control Top Tights Becoming A Little TOO Controlling?

You should have seen the red flags from the beginning. But how could you? The tights just made everything so smooth looking, so streamlined, so visually palatable. You’d breezily disregard their boa constrictor-like hold. You told yourself it was just a tight hug, they didn’t know their own strength. They evened you out in all the right ways. But all along you were just denying what you knew was there – their controlling nature. The first time you ever put them on and they pinched your insides tight, they were telling you that you were not perfect at all, but they would try and make you better. And you listened. In your gut you knew this was very uncomfortable, suffocating even. So why did you stay? Watch out for these five signs that your brand new control top tights are becoming too controlling:


They want to physically change who you are. 

Self-improvement is great, but when control top tights start trying to squeeze you into a predefined “right way” that you need to look or be, that is a warning sign. If they tell you, “no one will like you unless you look like you lost five pounds,” be wary. It’s time to kick those footies loose.


They give you TOO much support and have become quickly attached.

Be cautious if your tights immediately support you in an overly enthusiastic way, or if they can’t squeeze you tightly enough when they’re around you. These are signs of unbalanced, desperate attachment. It feels more like they just don’t want to be left alone more than anything. You need a pair of tights that is chill. They give you some space and let you breathe a bit.


They’ve become physically abusive.

If the tights are hurting you, leaving red marks on your flesh, they are way out of line and definitely too controlling. Sadly, this is more common among control top tights than you think. This is when you know it’s time to say, “See ya never.” Don’t look back, girl.



You cry when you see them.

Do you break down in tears every time you see them? If they constrict you to the point of sobbing, but you feel like you can’t live without them, your tights are controlling you. Remember: You’re beautiful just as you are. They need you more than you need them.


They’ve cut you off from the things you love, like food, other clothes, breathing…

If the control top tights are telling you not to see any of your other tights anymore, this relationship has become too stifling.


You don’t need smoothing out of edges. Your curves are perfect just they way they are. If you or anyone you know is in a controlling relationship with their control top tights, remind them they are beautiful and powerful and they can live freely on their own. Stay strong!