Op-Ed: Amanda Bynes Not Only Completely Sane but Totally Cool

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An Unbiased Look from Respected Reporter Bramanda Brynes
Lately everyone tends to have strong feelings about Amanda Bynes, especially ugly people. When I started my investigative journey on the former Nickelodeon child star, I knew immediately that she wasn’t crazy, but I was surprised to find how cool she was.
In my research I found that she posted a picture of herself topless on Twitter. I assumed everyone’s reactions would be “Awesome!” or something like that. I was shocked to discover that many people including celebrity “friend” Jenny McCarthy were instead concerned for her mental well-being. Upon further investigation it became clear that Jenny McCarthy was just jealous of how hot Amanda is and how un-hot Jenny is. Haters gonna hate and you can’t let them keep you down.
Amanda has also taken a lot of heat for her series of nose jobs she is very public about. Some people claim to be worried she is doing permanent damage to her body and may be mentally unstable. It is not “crazy” to want to change your Jew nose. See, I can say “Jew nose” because I’m Jewish. I am definitely not Amanda Bynes.

Usually the people who think that this type of behavior is insane are ugly faced like Zac Efron or all men (except Drake!!!). In fact, it’s very cool that Amanda is getting those nose jobs and being open about it. Now people who want to change their gross noses can have a role model.
Amanda recently made a fashionable change by shaving her head. In my opinion, this is very cool and brave. She even commented that, “not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient,” which is cool and funny like most things Amanda says out loud.
Wow! This is pretty cool and also totally cool. Who would be offended by this?
One word: ugly people. Unfortunately America is filled with ugly people who all have gross things to say. In fact, look at how crazy OTHER people treated Amanda:
WTF? Don’t people understand a little something called HUMOR? Learn a joke and get a life and stop spreading lies about people.
In conclusion, Amanda Bynes is not only awesome but also totally cool and extremely pretty. Anyone who says otherwise, especially police officers and jealous therapists should probably examine their own lives… and their mirrors! Cuz they ugly.
Bramanda Bynes
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