Alec Baldwin: ‘Everyone in New York is a Cocksucker Except Tina Fey and Trannies’


In a controversial piece published earlier this week, Alec Baldwin explained that he is moving to Los Angeles because New York City is “full of cocksuckers.”
Among the “pernicious, cocksucking asshats” in New York, Baldwin condemned the paparazzi, everyone who has worked at MSNBC or NBC (except Tina Fey), Shia LaBeouf, everyone in the New York theater scene, pedestrians, bicyclists, all politicians dating back to the death of JFK, TMZ, Rob Lowe, the deceased Andrew Breitbart, the ubiquity of cameras, and “rich Manhattan assholes” like himself.
Baldwin also claims his portrayal as homophobic in the media is unjust, explaining, “In the entertainment industry, I am surrounded by some of the faggiest people you can imagine, so I understand the power of hurtful speech in that community. I have nothing but respect for gays – especially the trannies. Although I spoke with a tranny and he was actually quite rude to me.”

Baldwin also expressed frustration that his portrayal in the media has gotten in the way of his philanthropic work with gay rights groups and other charities; work which includes millions of dollars in donations and speaking appearances, and “not that I’m counting, but I once officiated a gay friend’s wedding.”
“Those cock-gobblers aren’t doing shit for me now.”
Baldwin concludes: “All in all, it’s a goddamn travesty that this army of toxic little queens is trying to slander my good name.”