A-Listers Who It Would Be Really Funny If They Tripped Over a Dog Into a Pool

Yo, how funny would it be if these super-famous celebs tripped over a dog into a pool? Hahahahahahhah fuck that’s hilarious. Here are the five A-list biddies who we’d honestly pee ourselves if they tripped over a dog into a pool.


Anne Hathaway

Dude seriously lollllling at how funny if it would be if Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway tripped over a dog into a pool. Omg what if it was like a really small dog omg omg like a Chihuahua? Annie watch out! (Jk don’t. I want you to fall ahahaahhahaha fuckin hysterical). Imagine her hair after and her frown!


Denzel Washington

Hoooo this one really got me. Denzel is so big and strong the idea of him like teetering on the edge of a pool like “oh no, oh no, oh no” next to this big dumb Husky!!!! Stop I can’t. And then if the dog jumped in after him! And he came up for air and the dog was there like paddling and coming over to lick his face shittttt ahahahahah.




Picture this: chart-topping singer J-Lo, just chillin by a pool, Then suddenly, a tig ol’ bitty AKA a fuckin GREAT DANE comes lumbering on by and she trips over him and falls backward into a pool with her hands waving like a windmill! I can’t breathe LOLOL.


Shailene Woodley

It would be sosososo funny if the The Spectacular Now actress tripped over a dog into a pool. And she could be holding a big box of cereal that goes flying everywhere and gets all wet too—it would be hilarious!!!!! (Personally prefer a medium-size shepherd mix but am flexible.)


Bradley Cooper

HA! Just imagining the look on this Oscar-nominated actor’s sweet sweet face as he’s tripping over a sheepdog into a pool is enough to make anyone quake with da gigglez. He’d probably resurface with his glasses all crooked! Love Brad, love dogs, love pools, love wet Brad in a pool with an also wet dog. HOWLING rn.



Omg someone please stop reminding me of celebs tripping over dogs into pools I’m gonna bust a lung! Lol.


Just lost my job today, lol ugh.