7 Spring Looks to Let Everyone Know You Have a Boyfriend Now

Spring fashion season is just around the corner, and you’ve got a new boyfriend. Your friends will definitely have heard about it by now, but how can you brag to strangers about your new relationship? Try these eight stylish looks that say, “I’m gettin’ it on the reg”:


boyfriend jeans

1. Boyfriend jeans

When co-workers ask you, “Where’d you get those cute jeans?” you can say, “Straight off my boyfriend’s body.” Rock this casual combo at the office, a barbecue, or around you and your new boyfriend’s mutual friends so they can say, “Hey, aren’t those Brian’s jeans?” and you can say, “Yes they are. We have sex now.” Everyone will know these aren’t store-bought boyfriend jeans because you’ll make sure to tell them.





mens shirt

2. His Shirt

Girl, that is NOT your shirt. It’s obviously too big for you and everyone can tell it’s too boxy to be made for women. This is exactly what you want. Don’t even add a chunky necklace. Make people understand that you had no other choice but to wear your new boyfriend’s shirt to work because you HAD SEX WITH HIM at his house last night, but it’s too new for you to keep stuff at his place.





blue pants

3. These Weird Pants

Make people stop and say “She must have a boyfriend… where else would she get the confidence to wear that in public?” Ideal for a day date, this outfit has a quirky, understated vibe that lets everyone know you are SO done attracting other men.






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just had sex hair

4. “I Just Had Sex With My Boyfriend” Hair

Make everyone think you just got fucked, because you did. By your boyfriend. Pair this chic ‘do with a statement necklace to cover up those hickeys. You really are having sex lately!









5. Carry Flowers Everywhere

She’s got flowers?? That means she must be worthy of love. And you are! Because you have a boyfriend now, so everything will be okay forever. This outfit goes really well with a cell phone up against your ear to show everyone that you, indeed, are on a phone call with a man who agreed to call you his girlfriend. A phone call!






boyfriend sign woman

6. A Name Tag or Big Sign That Says “I Have a Boyfriend”

This look is simple and classic. No one will be confused when they look at you. Unless they can’t read, which in this day and age would be totally weird. Accessorize with some chunky metal bangles so when you point at your name tag, it makes noise and more people look at you.






wedding dress

7. A Straight-Up Wedding Dress

You’re not married, but whatever. This dress screams that, much like Liam Neeson’s daughter, you are T-A-K-E-N. Looks great on all body types.







Now that you’ve got the guy, get the look to match. It’ll carry you through from Spring-New Relationship to Winter-Recent Breakup.