7 See-Through Tops That Still Count As Tops

Summer’s hottest look is a classic, see-through top! A sexy sheer top is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. But how sheer can your top be until it doesn’t actually count as clothing? Here are seven quirky summer tops that definitely still count as “sheer” and definitely still count as “tops.”
1. A Cut-up Old Rag
For this little number – the less material, the better. You’ve mastered this look when your top has so many holes in it that it’s not even recognizable as an article of clothing. Remember: As long as it’s summer and it can fit around your neck, that still counts as a top.


2. Used Stockings
Did you know you can recycle your busted, rank stockings by cutting the crotch out and pulling them over your head? Fashionable, eco-friendly, totally see-through, and totally a top.


3. A Plastic Shower Curtain
This clear material is actually more see-through than most fabrics. Wearing a shower curtain gives you that drapey, elegant, waterproof, and invisible look you’ve been after all summer. The cops won’t be able to question it!



Woman Saran Wrap
4. Saran Wrap
A top made of Saran Wrap will hug your curves in all the right places. BONUS: If wrapped tight enough, this sheer top can become a sheer bra that can be worn under another sheer top for extra sheerness.





5. A Mesh Laundry Bag
This material is full of holes, so you’ll definitely catch that summer breeze. Its adjustable neckline makes for a variety of looks in one very unique oversized sheer top.




6. A Mason Jar
Can it be true? Yes, you’ve found ANOTHER use for a Mason jar. If you use some rustic hemp to hang around your neck, it can be worn as a top – and that makes it a see-through top!



7. The “Meta” Top
Wearing just a collar and cuffs is a totally “meta” way to wear a top. It’s the absence of the material that will make passers-by question, “What is a top? Who am I?” The answer: definitely still a top.