7 Politically Correct Role-Plays to Spice Up Your Sex Life


So things in the bedroom have been a little lackluster lately, but you’re not sure how role-play will mesh with your highly advanced moral code. That’s why we’ve compiled seven politically correct role-plays that will kick-start your sex life, without compromising your core:

1. Luxury Escort Meets High-Paying Client at Hotel Diversity Conference

He’s a busy business executive who doesn’t have time for love, and you’re a high-level escort with an active interest in identity politics. Be prepared to head back to his presidential suite afterwards, where the two of you will down martinis and role play “how to have hard conversations about racism.”

2. Hot Fireman Saves Trapped Woman from Stereotyping About Masculinity

You’re a sexy young vixen, trapped on the top floor of a burning building. Before you can scream, “Come save me!” a hot fireman reminds you that just because he’s a fireman doesn’t mean he’s all brawn and no brains. He actually has an active interest in women’s reproductive rights and loves the Sunday crossword! If he can’t carry you down the ladder with his muscles, he has other strategies to entice you down, but only with your expressed consent.

3. Sexy Nurse Examines Naughty Patient Using Mindfulness, Meditation

You find his “bad patient” frustrating, until you realize it’s a symptom of his PTSD from years of fighting an unjust war. Rather than strap him down and drug him, you use gentle therapies and holistic techniques to ease him back into reality, waiting patiently through his recovery before you expect him to be capable of a stable relationship.

4. Beefcake Cop and Busty Criminal Attend Feminist Documentary Fest About Microfinance

You’ve been bad…very bad. He’s a hard-nosed cop who is here to punish you. But instead of trapping yourself in a cycle of blame, how about attending a film festival where you can discover alternative income options and learn how to become a responsible member of the global economy?

5. Role Play Your First Date. Instead of “Getting Drunk” and “Having Sex,” How About “Drinking Tea” and “Setting Goals?”

You’ll have better chemistry under the covers when you take your time developing synergy over the table!


6. Lonely Housewife and Strapping Pool Boy Explore Class Dynamics of their Relationship

He’s a hunky pool boy, you’re a frisky housewife, and your favorite (swimming) hole desperately needs to be filled. You invite him in for wine and sex, before initiating a serious dialogue about the power dynamics of your potential dyad. Prepare to let him penetrate your privilege.

7. Sexy Teacher Asks Sexy Student to ‘Stay After School’ and Discuss Workplace Ethics

It’s 5:00 pm on a Friday, and everyone’s gone home from work – except for you and your hottest student. The air is thick with desire, but before you dig into The Karma Sutra, you reach out to The Employee Relations Handbook. He’s underage, and you’re in violation! Send him home to his mom and go cry to yours in relief.
Above all, relax. This is sex! If you’re feeling nervous, just turn down the music, turn up the NPR, and pop open a bottle of ethically sourced wine.