7 Fun Ways to Wear That Necklace Made of Human Teeth

Statement pieces can be tough to style. Don’t let that necklace made of human teeth just sit there in your jewelry box unworn – try out some of the looks below that are sure to turn heads and stop traffic!


WEAR IT WITH: A structured blazer
Perfect for a job interview. This look says, “I’m smart, competent, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Whatever. It. Takes.”


So what if you can’t get a job? In France, people are too stylish to even have jobs. Oolala! Maybe one day you’ll vacation there, possibly forever. No one will ever find you in France.


WEAR IT WITH: Oversized aviator sunglasses
No one will even recognize you at the Farmer’s Market!


WEAR IT WITH: Dangly earrings, also made of human teeth
Treat yourself – get all gussied up for a solo Girl’s Night In! Sip wine and watch “Silence of the Lambs” as you fondly remember your last boyfriend. (My, what nice teeth he had!)



WEAR IT WITH: White-accented espadrilles
Stand tall and get yourself back in the dating game with this look that is ivory-accented from head to toe! Your OKCupid date’s jaw will drop (ooo, look at those fine molars!).


WEAR IT WITH: A sarong
Simple and summery. All the jealous mommies at the public pool will say, “Where did you get that? Who are you? Stay away from my children; I’m calling the police.”


WEAR IT WITH: Audrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress
Bat your eyelashes at the sexy policemen interrogating you and say, “Who, me? I daresay I’m innocent! I’m just a doe-eyed ingénue who would like for my lawyer to be present before your dental forensics team arrives.”.


Whether you’re making a statement in court or making a statement of style, your necklace made of human teeth is a must-wear. Don’t let it go to waste!