5 Winter Hats That Prove Vision is Overrated

When it comes to accessorizing, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you not overdo it. The second most important thing is that you look good; sometimes that means jeopardizing the use of your senses. Here are five hats that prove being able to see really isn’t that important.


The Barista Beanie


Deceive yourself into thinking it’s already cold out as you literally pull the wool/cotton blend over your eyes with this cozy, oversized beanie. With this beanie, you can hop behind the counter to make that soy latte yourself! If someone figures you out, explain that you couldn’t see which side of the counter you were on. Be careful of working with an espresso machine with this hat.


Sunny Skies


Even though the temperature has dropped, the sun’s rays can still be harsh. A hat like this one will be sure to keep your face entirely protected as you ski down that black diamond you were too nervous to try last winter when you could see just how steep it was.


The Tennis Pro


Maybe you’ll be vacationing somewhere warm this winter that gives you a chance to demonstrate your athletic prowess. Show just how skilled you are in a tennis match or on the golf course with a visor that proves you can kick your competition’s ass with your eyes completely obfuscated.




The Modern Beekeeper

Considering taking up a new hobby this winter? We’re pretty into beekeeping right now—think about the honey you could sell at your local farmer’s market come spring! And with a hat like this, you’ll worry a lot less about getting stung—if you can’t see it, it can’t hurt you!



The Mask

Maybe your blog has finally taken off, or you just feel like you’ve had a bit too much exposure through various social media platforms lately. No matter the reason for feeling like you’re constantly in the public eye, a mask hat could be the perfect solution to make you feel less like you’re being watched. This kind of hat is typically recommended for someone famous enough to have a bodyguard, but not famous enough to avoid walking entirely.