5 Ways to Prove You’re Newly Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! Now’s the time to constantly remind everyone around you about this exciting news. Here are some helpful ways you can visually emphasize your new station in life without having to say a word about it:


1. Sign All Credit Card Receipts with “Soon-to-be-Mrs.”

Nothing says, “I am excited to be someone’s wife!” like writing it on a piece of paper in lieu of your legal signature. Why not have a little fun with this transitional period to get a wink of acknowledgment from the sales clerk?


2. Set up Your Single Friends Like You’re Patti Stanger

You are off the market for good and are now responsible for helping your single friends know what forever feels like, too. Relentlessly try to set up every single friend with every single friend of your fiancé’s. “Rob is single? Well, Alison is single, AND she has brown hair! Let’s make magic!”


3. Stand in Lighting that Showcases Your Diamond Ring

Wear it loud, wear it proud! When with friends, stand under sconces and bright lights that will bounce off the sparkling edge of your hard-earned rock and remind them: you are engaged and happy!



4. Find Excuses to Get More Diamond Jewelry

Two things defined Elizabeth Taylor: spouses and diamonds. Now that you have one of them, it’s time to delight in the other: start with the engagement ring, then brainstorm upcoming social events for which your man can get you another jewel.


5. Start Every Sentence with, “My fiancé and I…”

Just yesterday they were your boyfriend (which sounds so pedestrian), but now they are your betrothed! In case people still aren’t sure about your marital status, using this transitional title confirms that you are undeniably engaged to be married. Also, this is the perfect prompt for belated congratulations, demands to see your glistening ring, and questions about your upcoming wedding!