The 5 Sexiest Religions

We all want inspiration out of our religion, but what if you could get even more? Some religions have an added sex appeal and an aura of naughtiness that clings to followers. Check out these religions, that are hot, hot, hot:


1. Buddhist

Buddhists have a sexy mystery that comes from the power of their meditation and stillness. Some even go so far as to take vows of silence as a means of eschewing the false pleasure of instant gratification. That’s right – quiet types who don’t want you to buy them things – can you say low-maintenance? And they’ll never be too stressed out to get into bed with you!


2. Christian

Well golly gee they’re everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes, and religious subgroups, each with its own form of sexual repression. That may sound bad but the heart wants what it can’t have! Christians are much more likely to crave sex, since they’ve been told not to their whole lives.


3. Jewish

Talk about guilty pleasures. Jews have a culture that has been known to loudly yield the questions “Why?” and “Why Not?” with a sexy iron fist. Jews always know how to break the sexual rules, by discovering new ways of reinterpreting them.


4. Scientologist

This religion is sexy by association. Jenna Elfman. Tom Cruise. Laura Prepon. Scientologist may appear to be off their rockers, but everyone knows crazy people are great in bed!



5. Agnostic

It’s technically not a religion, but who cares? Agnostics don’t! They don’t have the same hangups as other people because they’re living by their own rules, playing their own game. They are fast-talking, book-reading people who don’t care about the afterlife, ‘cause they’re busy living the life-life. If you ask them to do something naughty, chances are they’ll do it, cause who’s judging them and if someone’s judging them, who cares, not them, no way – too cool for that.


The next time you’re thinking of discovering your spirituality, think about how you can discover your sexuality along with it! These religions could help to reawaken your libido and your soul.