5 Must-Have Patterned Leggings to Get Dana from Zumba Class to Like You

Everyone knows that Zumba class is a battlefield. But no matter how difficult the choreography gets, Dana manages to nail every move. Is her ass a completely separate entity from her body? How do her hips do that? And, most importantly, how can you get her to be my friend? Easy: patterned leggings! Check out these five zesty pairs that will let Dana know you’re the Zumba queen best friend she’s been searching for.


These Aztec Print Leggings (Singer22.com, $82)

“Aztec” print leggings are super trendy (just like Dana!). Plus, they’ll convey your worldliness, which Dana would probably be into. She seems like she’s done a lot of travelling. You can just tell she’s not afraid to go off the beaten path, like when she improvises a bunch of sweet moves on top of the choreo. She is a goddess!!


These Galaxy Print Leggings (YogaOutlet.com, $75)

Wearing these galaxy print leggings to class will do more than show that you’re capable of rocking the athleisure trend; it will also let Dana know, “Hey, I’m totally into astronomy, and astrology, and the cosmos and shit. Or not. Whichever—your call.”


These Floral Leggings (ActiveWearUSA, $79)

Dana probably has a full garden of plants and herbs that she manages to keep alive, so these bright floral leggings will let her know that you too appreciate nature’s beauty. Namaste, Dana. Namaste.



4-Galaxy Cat

These Galaxy Cat Print Leggings (Dancewear Solutions, $16.95)

Similar to the galaxy print leggings, these quirky printed leggings let Dana know you appreciate the beauty of the night sky and that YOU’RE A CAT-LOVING FREE SPIRIT, which Dana is also, in your daily daydreams about her dancing merengue.


These Ridiculous Mara Hoffman Leggings (Zappos, $168)

This pair will let Dana know that you spare no expense when it comes to quality, high-end sportswear, proving that you take Zumba just as seriously as she does. Birds? Dana can’t get enough of them. The sunset? She practically invented it. You guys will be BFFs in no time.


All of these patterned workout leggings are totally available and are guaranteed to look flattering on anyone, but mostly you! Dana will be like, “Girlfriend, you look so hot in those leggings! We are friends.” Score!