5 Moleskine Notebooks That Say, ‘I’m Not Going To Be A Barista Forever’

Nothing says, “I won’t be behind this coffee counter for much longer” like a beautiful Moleskine notebook. While a lesser writer would keep a more common notebook by their side, the thoughtful construction of the Moleskine ensures that whatever writing is inside is literally worth more than anyone else’s writings. Here are six Moleskine notebooks that can you get the message across that this job is just holding you over until that book deal.


The Leather-bound Moleskine

Whip out this trusty notebook to show the world that your undergraduate degree in English is still being put to good use. This leather Moleskine says, “This writer has almost read the entirety of Infinite Jest and won’t be serving cappuccinos much longer!”


The Doodle-covered Moleskine Sketchbook

Even Frida Kahlo had to pay rent somehow! This classic Moleskine says, “Sure, my art in the coffee shop is latte foam, but one day I’ll be famous for my all-paper clip sculpture of Benito Mussolini.” When people see you drawing into this notebook with high-end charcoal pencils, they’ll surely think, “This brilliant artist is just biding her time!”


The Voyageur Moleskine

The Voyageur is wanderlust in the form of a $23 travel notebook. It’s says, “I won’t have enough money to cruise on a Gondola through the canals of Venice without first trudging through the quagmire of 9am rush at Ninth Street Espresso.” At heart, I’m an explorer, and what’s the best way to tell them? A Moleskine notebook with a map on it!



The Recycled Canvas Moleskine

This notebook makes it abundantly clear to people that you are a dedicated environmentalist and that being a barista is only an interim thing, before you focus full-time on showing people the dangers of fracking. This is a great notebook to show that you voted for Jill Stein and you’ve practically given your two week’s notice here.


The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

This is the Moleskine of the future that allows you to seamlessly capture what I’ve written on the pages of my notebook into my phone. While I’m busy stirring an iced mocha, this notebook says, “I still make time to harness the lost art of writing” and “Seriously this job is part-time until my tech startup gets funding.”


There you have it! These handy Moleskine notebooks show people it won’t be long till you quit this pleasant-but-definitely-temporary job and take the world by storm!