5 Hot Celeb Looks That You Should Never Try Because You’re Normal And Not Rich

Every summer, some celeb steps out with a killer new trend that has everyone running to the nearest store, salon or social media site to try and emulate. Well, we hate to crush your dreams, but try as you might, you will never look like a celebrity. The reason? You are a regular person not a celebrity. Here are the hottest celeb trends that you should never try because you’re normal and not rich.


Platinum Blonde Hair

Katy Perry and Emma Stone are just two of many celebs that have recently went platinum blonde. It’s a cool look that is seemingly always in style. Just not for you, because you’re a normal boring person and not a rich celeb with millions of dollars to spend on upkeep and maintenance. Stick to regular, everyday people hair choices like stripy highlights, accidental ombre or uneven bangs because that’s all you’ll ever be able to pull off.


Visible Nipples

Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez have both stepped out recently in some very nipply shirts. But if you’re normal and not rich, just don’t do this! People will react like, “Oh, whoa that lady’s nipples are showing!” instead of, “Oh look, Kylie’s done it again!” If you do end up trying the visible nipple trend, good for you, but you’ll probably end up buying some cheap shirt from Forever 21 that will chafe your nips until they bleed or something insane like that. Better to accept your place in life as it is, you know?



Ongoing Public Feud

Katy and Taylor might make a feud look fun, but this is one major trend us normals should really avoid. In reality, a vicious, ongoing feud is exhausting and requires a ton of work. You don’t have time for that! You have a regular job and a regular family. Plus, you’re not rich enough to really have fun with your feud by recording songs about it. Sorry girl! Just calmly put down that feud and walk away, back to your ordinary-ass existence.



Remember when Reese Witherspoon was arrested for a DUI? No? That’s because she pulled off this celebrity trend beautifully and without a hitch. In fact, the video of her arrest is fun, funny and viral! Success! For all the rest of us regular gals, take a Lyft home, or your biggest little lie will be a revoked license!


Saying Something Racist

Don’t be ridiculous, normals! Only rich and famous white men can say something totally racist and offensive at work and get away with it. If you’re not one of those things, I guess keep your shitty outdated opinions to yourself, ya piece of shit!


As fun and easy as celebrities make these trends look, some are best kept out of the hands of mere normals like you and me. Let’s face it. We’ll just never pull off that fun celebrity stuff, like pixie cuts or murder!