How to Date Your Friend’s Dad


Your eyes meet. His hand brushes up against yours. He scratches his salt-and-pepper beard and wipes his palms on his NPR t-shirt. Next thing you know, you’re dating your friend’s dad.


Don’t be alarmed: You aren’t alone.
One out of six women will date their friend’s father at some point in their lives. This doesn’t have to be an end to a friendship, as long you keep your friend’s feelings in mind. You can keep your friend, and her hot dad, too.


Don’t draw comparisons between yourself and your friend while in bed with her dad.
“Who do you think is prettier?” and “Do you wish you were with her right now?” are questions you should never ask your friend’s dad when you’re lying in bed together. Instead try to remark on your differences. Remind him that you’re a solid two months older than her, and emotionally very mature for your age. Bring up your fondness for MASH and Paul Simon. The more he thinks you have wisdom, the better.


Don’t be afraid to talk about your relationship.
Just because you’re dating your friend’s dad, doesn’t mean you have to clamp up about your sex life. If your friend is dating someone new, don’t be shy about talking about the first time you and her dad got intimate. Better yet, ask her what she thinks your dad would be into – she might have a special insight into his deepest fantasies.


Don’t trash talk your friend’s mother.
It might be tempting to talk about how much better you are than your friend’s mother, but it’s not worth it. Sure, she’s a rumor spreading, greasy skank with a sea lion face – seriously, she literally has the face of a sea lion and it’s gross. But saying that out loud isn’t helping anyone.


Don’t get jealous of their father-daughter relationship.
He’s her dad. She’s his daughter. There is nothing going on between the two of them. Sure, when they hug and she kisses him on the cheek it may drive you up the wall, but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything more going on between them. She’s his daughter, after all! The majority of father-daughter relationships never get to a sexual level, so the next time she says, “I love you daddy,” take a deep breath and respect the history they have between each other.



Don’t be scared of taking on a surrogate mother role.
You’re dating her dad, for crying out loud! Act like her mom! Tell her how proud you and her father are of her, ask her when she’s going to give you some grandchildren – and go ahead, dress in her dead mother’s clothes! The bolder you are, the faster you’ll approach a feeling of normalcy.


Whatever you do, just remember to respect personal boundaries of your friend. You never know when she’ll have to move back home!