5 Awesome Core Workouts You Can Do While Tied to the Railroad Tracks

Finding time to exercise can be tough, especially when you’ve been strapped to the train tracks by a dastardly villain. But if you’re resourceful (and if you manage to avoid those clever excuses like “I can hardly move” and “I’m about to be hit by a coal-powered train”), you can find creative ways to get workouts in while you still can. So give these a try! You may start seeing such amazing results that you catch a hero’s eye and actually get rescued in time.


1. The Five-Inch Wriggle

This is a great one if your villain has bound your chest in addition to your flailing arms and legs. If you have five inches’ worth of space between the ropes and the boards, tense the muscles around your navel for a powerful mini-crunch. Contrary to popular belief, you can use that limited range of motion to your advantage, using the ropes as resistance training. Do five sets of five reps, resting in between. But don’t rest too long—here comes that train! Choo choo, little lady!



2. The Arch

If you have sufficient range of motion in your ankles, push off from your feet to lift your pelvis and feel a great stretch in your waist and hips. Don’t worry about looking silly—anyone who sees you will just think you’re trying to escape. This move is quick and easy, can be done anywhere, and requires no equipment or unrestricted arms, making it perfect for your track detainment.


3. The Shuffle

This classic is the only cardio exercise available when tied to the train tracks. Simply swing your legs back and forth, as best you’re able. Bonus points if you can somehow kick yourself off those tracks to safety!


4. Savasana

Relaxation is important after a hard workout, especially when death is near. If you’re bound face up, take deep breaths and relax in corpse pose. (Also, that villain might think you’re already dead and roll you into the ditch instead of leaving you there – no promises, though!)


5. The Tenser

If you absolutely can’t move, avoid wasting your track time by just tensing your core muscles on and off. When the train gets closer, your body will do this naturally. The last thing you want to face when you leave those tracks is the knowledge that you wasted a perfectly good workout sesh!



That’s it! Now if you’re still alive, lay low for a few days until they catch that fiend—or if you lack the workout motivation, let him tie you right up again!