4 Ways to Get Emma to Play with Your Hair

Ahh, hair touching. Everyone wants it, but it’s so hard to get! You can’t just straight-up ask a person to play with your hair—that’s CREEPY. They have to want to touch your hair. Sadly, as you get older, your opportunities for having your hair played with start to disappear. Luckily, there are a few super subtle ways to get your friend Emma to play with your gorgeous mane without her even realizing that’s what’s happening.


1. Have a makeover party for one!

It’s been a while since you had a friend over for a hair-dyeing party, seeing as you’re an adult and all. So go for it! Get some super fab dye, buy a bunch of wine, and tell Emma you’re having “the girls” over for a good old-fashioned makeover party! When she arrives, explain that everyone else canceled, then volunteer to go first. Once Emma is done dyeing your hair Kylie Jenner-purple using the special foil you brought to extend the hair play, you’ll be in hair-play dreamland! Tell Emma you’ll dye her hair next time as you fall asleep in her lap.


2. Ask her if you have food in your hair.

There’s no way Emma will be able to tolerate you walking around with embarrassing food flecks in your locks. So one of the best ways to get Emma to play with your hair for five minutes is to pretend you accidentally dripped mustard somewhere on your hair but you can’t find it; could she help? Emma will search endlessly through your split ends as a blissful smile creeps across your face. Yayyyyeeeee!!!



3. Drape your hair on her desk while bending down.

Emma works hard all day. Give her a well-deserved break with a hair-portunity! Bend down and drape your gorgeous mane across her desk, covering up her boring work, and she’ll become so distracted by your fab new highlights that you’ll be getting a French braid from her in no time. Because you’re worth it!


4. Burst into tears.

Nothing makes a gal want to touch someone’s hair quite like another gal who’s crying! You don’t know much about Emma, but you know she has hands that are not yours and that she is the barely-friend who will wipe away your tears AND YOUR HAIR if you start randomly crying uncontrollably. So do what you gotta do, girl! Punch yourself in the face, think about your dead dog, or just keep your eyes open until they burn. You deserve this!


With these four tips, Emma is going to be spending so much more time on things that matter, like your precious head of hair and way less time on things that don’t, like anything else. Yay!