Dove’s Sketch Artist Leaks Drawings of the Women Who Actually Were Ugly

Dove Real Beauty Campaign

In an awkward turn for Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, the sketch artist from their most recent documentary-style campaign has unveiled his drawings of the women who didn’t make the cut for the video.


For the uglier participants purposely excluded from the advertisement, there is a less favorable difference between the self-described picture and the third party described picture. These unnamed women are just as ugly, if not uglier, than they thought.


“It was almost unsettling how confident these women were in describing their hideous features,” claims former FBI sketch artist Gil Zamora. “It’s like, somehow, they were okay with themselves in spite of their obvious flaws.”

When asked why they omitted the less attractive women from their video, advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather stated, “Attractive women with low self-esteem and warped self-perceptions were more in line with our vision.”

A Dove spokesperson adds: “You can only make women feel like your product can help them realize their potential if there actually is potential.”