Your Friend’s Successes Are Not Your Failures, Except for Natalie’s

It’s important to remember that despite how you may feel, none of your friend’s successes are actually your failures – except for Natalie’s, of course.


As women, we should try not to measure ourselves against each other, as we each have a unique path in life. But with regard to Natalie specifically, every success she has experienced is the root cause of your failures, like when she got that job you both applied for, or that time you were running late so she won the Hamilton lottery – without them, you feeling stuck in the same hellish limbo would not feel as miserable.


When your successes were measured against other members of your social circle, no correlation was found, For example, when Nora’s boyfriend of nine years finally proposed, that success of hers bore no relation to your failed dating life. But when your ex immediately started dating Natalie because she “had more direction in life,” your failure was directly correlated to her success because they are married now, too.



It’s important not to see other women as competition, unless of course we’re talking about Natalie, who happens to look a lot like you but somehow manages to be slightly more attractive.


You really shouldn’t even be comparing yourself to others like this!


Armed with this new knowledge, you’re now welcome to work harder and put blinders on regarding Natalie’s successes, or just sit on your couch and online stalk her while stewing in your own self-indulgent misery. Though Natalie’s successes might mean your failure, just remember that if you do succeed, Natalie will experience no effect whatsoever, because she doesn’t even know you’re thinking this about her – that’s how successful she is.



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