Wow! This Woman Saw A Set Of Stairs And Didn’t Imagine Falling Spectacularly Down Them

Gisele Maron has proven herself an inspiration to clumsy people with hyperactive imaginations everywhere with her revolutionary approach to stairwells; when she approaches a set of stairs, she doesn’t imagine herself falling spectacularly down them, possibly to her death. Instead, she just walks down them and thinks about whatever. Wow!


Without fail, Maron manages to approach stairs without envisioning any kind of scenario in which she misses a step and somersaults down into a crowd of strangers who have to pretend they didn’t notice her ungainly descent or subsequent angry, embarrassed tears. Her secret? Just walking down them.


When asked how she manages to descend with such peace of mind, Maron said “What? I just walk down the stairs. I’ve never fallen down stairs, so it’s not something I think about a lot I guess.”


We’re amazed she managed to continue doing the thing she’s always managed to do!


Maron applies her novel approach to stairs in the subway, escalators at the mall, the slippery stairs at her aunt’s house, and so many more. She continues to impress by approaching even the trickiest of staircases with an enviable nonchalance. Recently, she descended the curving, see-through minefield that is the Apple Store stairs without a thought of missing a step and tumbling down, only to be met with the derisive laughter of a bunch of teens.


“She didn’t even hesitate,” said one stunned eyewitness. “She just sauntered down as though it hadn’t occurred to her that these steps could be her last, and then she’d be the person who died in the Apple Store.”



Maron isn’t the only woman who has managed to master the art of descending without a care. In fact, she joins a vast group of people who have enough coordination and emotional stability to just go through their lives without imagining horrible, embarrassing outcomes, whether they’re carrying a couple of drinks across a crowded bar, or worrying about whether they’ll have to fart during their gynecological exam. So for young people everywhere who don’t think they’ll ever quite master stairs, there’s hope: most people do it without any problem at all.


“I mean yeah, you just do it,” Maron reiterated. Inspiring!


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