Wow! This Woman Replaced All The Pictures in Her Parents’ House With Ones Where Her Hair Looks Better

While most women avoid looking at old photos of themselves, that isn’t enough for 29-year-old Gillian Garter, who spent the holiday replacing all the pictures in her parents’ house with ones where her hair looks way better.


Way to get the job done, Gillian!


While Garter dons a voluminous blonde bob now, the dozens of cut out faces in Garter’s parents’ garbage confirm that she used to have long brown hair with thick bangs, various layered looks, and one bowl cut. Now, all the photos in her house have glued-on cutouts of Garter’s current face and ’do.


“It was hard to make sure I cut my face out of every picture but I persevered,” says Garter. “Women get shit done. Especially when they think they don’t look great in family photos.”


Now that’s a boss bitch who is super ashamed of how she used to look!


While Garter was satisfied with her empowering erasure of her past look, others were confused. Garter’s mother, Natalia, is among those who don’t understand the purpose of this.



“We all change all the time so I don’t get why there has to be shame in how we’ve looked,” shares Natalia. “Plus, now all my family photos are ruined. I really loved those photos.”


However Garter’s accomplishment transcends the many destroyed family photos: this is a moment for women everywhere, particularly the women who have had really bad hair and want that part of their lives fucking deleted.


“I’m happy to be leading this movement,” says Garter. “Women can now cut out their old ugly faces and replace them with their new hot face instead. Also, we should stop being so focused on looks.”


Tell ’em, hair queen!


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