Wonder Woman Now a Man

Wonder Woman - Reductress

In the wake of Marvel’s announcement that the new Thor would be a woman, the creative team at DC Comics released in a statement that Wonder Woman will now be a man.


“When we heard that gender-flipping was all the rage, we couldn’t have been happier to contribute,” DC Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, said during the press conference late Wednesday. “Wonder Woman’s story is sure to become more interesting and enriched by this change. There’s just so much more we can imagine the character doing now!”



While fans are concerned that the integrity of the Wonder Woman series might be compromised by the change, DC ensures the two stories will be connected by making the female Wonder Woman the mother of the new male version. Johns says, “Nothing else about the series will change.”


Johns continued, “We at DC Entertainment are thrilled about the future for this character. As of today, three movie and television projects are already in the works.”


He added: “Any opportunity to show a strong male character, we will take it.”


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