Woman Wonders If Milo Ventimiglia Also Had Sex Dream About Her

After waking up from a sex dream featuring This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, 27-year-old Ashlyn Garter wondered if the actor also had a sex dream about her that night.


Minutes after waking up from the dream in which Ventimiglia bent her over a sink and gave it to her good, Garter scoured the celebrity’s social media, searching for a sign that he too was present for the subconscious sexual encounter.


“I know we’ve never met, but I really felt like he was there with me,” says Garter. “I feel like if he saw me in real life, he’d smile and say, “Hey, you’re the girl from that incredible night. Wanna get some coffee and just… talk?” It sounds implausible. But it could happen.”


Ashlyn’s friends confirm this is not the first time Garter has wistfully wondered about a connection with Milo Ventimiglia after dreaming about him.


“One time she took a nap and dreamt she was pregnant with Milo Ventimiglia’s baby. When she woke up, she gazed longingly out the window for hours, pondering whether Milo Ventimiglia had participated in the dream too,” says Evie Castleman, Garter’s close friend and roommate. “She also insisted on taking a pregnancy test just in case. Of course, she wasn’t pregnant. We showed her Instagram pictures of Milo in Antwerp to prove he didn’t impregnate her that night and was in a different time zone, but Ashlyn’s a romantic and you can’t stop her from fantasizing”


“Listen, I know my dreams aren’t real, but also the lines between reality and fantasy sometimes blur,” says Garter. “How can I be sure Milo didn’t also dream the same dream? And how can I be sure he didn’t actually fuck me and put his sperm in me that night? What is a dream if not a reflection of reality?”



Garter, who works at a popular doughnut shop in the Boston area, remains unable to curb her sexual fantasies in the workplace as well.


“This morning she worked the opening shift, and talked my ear off about last night’s dream where Milo Ventimiglia served her with divorce papers,” says Wilhelmina Boyer, Garter’s manager. “Every time this happens, I explain to her that just because you have a dream about someone doesn’t mean they had the same dream too. Also, Milo’s never met her! And she’s never met him! She just watches Gilmore Girls a lot. Anyway, now I wear earplugs and ignore her while we open the shop.”


“Milo, if you’re out there, I’m sorry for whatever I did,” says Garter. “I’ll see you tonight in my dreams.”


At the conclusion of the interview, Garter returned home, where she took a hefty capful of NyQuil and then fell soundly asleep to a dream about Chad Michael Murray pulling her along in a Radio Flyer wagon.


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