Why I Traveled Around the World Just to Get Trashed in Slightly Different Rooms

Traveling around the world is something I am passionate about, and something that has taught me a lot about life. For me, travel is about more than just experiencing the world and seeing life through a new lens. It’s about having the chance to get super fucked up in slightly different hotel rooms across the globe.


That’s right. I’m a jet-setter. I’m a go-getter. But most of all, I’m pretty fucked up right now.


I have been everywhere from Guam to Luxembourg City to that country where we had the good pizza (it wasn’t Italy though). And let me tell you, all rooms are pretty much the same when you’re upside down in a chair and singing Spice Girls with some strangers you just invited into your room who don’t really speak English.


If I had to pick one, I think visiting India was the most eye-opening experience of my journeys. That’s where I blacked out on warm bad vodka in a room that was pink, but like a really pretty pink. I don’t remember much else about that experience because I was so high off of some hash that I bought right outside my hotel from a really kind local. Gosh, I really love traveling.


And Paris! In Paris we got trashed outside. We saw the Eiffel Tower and I don’t remember seeing it, but I have pictures to prove it, which is really all that matters.


Let me tell you about London though, because my whole worldview changed when I branched out to different kinds of rooms. I met up with this guy, and we got trashed in his small bedroom. After awhile it got kind of boring, so I went to a different friend’s small bedroom and got trashed there instead. It was like living two different lives in one day! It was so different from getting trashed in my own tiny bedroom because I have framed posters from American music festivals and stuff and these people had posters of music festivals I’d never heard of.


Maybe it’s just me, but experiences like that are so vital to expanding your mind and opening yourself up to life!


Now don’t get me wrong, you can get trashed in all sorts of rooms, not just small ones. There are also medium rooms and big rooms. Some rooms have glass ceilings and some have plants. But at the end of the day, you want to really go outside your comfort zone and get trashed in rooms that are culturally different from your rooms.



The key to successful traveling is being in rooms with people who speak different languages or, if they speak your language, at least have different accents than yours. And also to make sure you have access to alcohol. Some countries don’t allow drinking and those trips will suuuuck.


So that’s why I travel and why you should travel, too. Because it’s so limiting to get fucked up in the same exact room all the time!


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