Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup And Started Being A Border Collie

There was a time when I never imagined I’d go makeup free. Even though deep down I knew I didn’t feel like myself when I wore makeup, the thought of exposing my naked face to the world filled me with terror. I felt trapped in a powdery prison, until the day I decided to reclaim my own beauty standards by becoming a border collie instead.


It wasn’t a magazine article or an empowering ad that changed my mind, but a walk in the park by my house, watching happy dogs chase frisbees without a care in the world. I realized I was jealous of their freedom, and felt trapped by societal pressures to be an attractive human woman. And that’s the exact moment I decided to give up makeup and become my true self, which is a highly intelligent Border Collie.


Initially, my friends were surprised by my choice. They’d say discouraging things like, “But you love makeup!” “You have shares in Sephora!” or “Stop chasing your own tail!” But when they saw how happy I was with a bare face, teeth out gnawing on a raw lamb shank, I knew I had their support.


Though it was hard adjusting to my new lifestyle, I soon realized my decision to go makeup free and become a dog had changed everything for the better.


I never realized how much energy, time and money I was devoting to cosmetics until I fully became a dog. Instead of getting up early and spending my mornings putting on my face, I have way more time to chase sheep, play outside in a field, and bark at strangers. I’ve also been saving a ton of money not buying cosmetic products, or anything else because as I’ve said, I’m a dog now.


Also, giving up makeup has really improved my appearance. Before, my skin was blotchy and my pores were clogged, but now I have soft skin, a wet nose and a lustrous, shiny coat. While I thought I’d miss expressing myself through my appearance, I’ve found other ways just as satisfying, such as howling or enthusiastically wagging my tail.



Most importantly, I’m no longer concerned with superficial judgments of my appearance. People don’t see me as just a pretty face anymore. They see me as the most intelligent dog breed ever. I’m now appreciated not just for how I look, but also for my energetic temperament and ability to excel as both a working dog and a companion animal.


When I wore makeup I felt like I was putting on a mask every day. Without it, I finally feel like I’m beautiful just the way I am—an authentic, confident, makeup-free Border Collie.



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