Why Are Women So Afraid to Embrace the Label ‘Ambitious Shrew Who Needs to Get Fucked?’

There are so many rules made for women – that they should be demure yet enthusiastic, confident yet humble, and many ways we as women name ourselves in order to better reflect who we are in society.


But what is it about the term ‘ambitious shrew who needs to get fucked’ that still makes some women flinch?


After all, women are just as likely as men to be shriveled old bags of dirt who really need to get laid for once. Isn’t it time we admit that? Isn’t it time we stop skirting those discussions and embrace them full on? For the sake of women everywhere, it’s time to take on the label of conniving frigid cow so the world can finally see we’re not ashamed to be who we are.


In the past, women who admitted to being frigid old bitches who had replaced sex with power were punished. But it’s time that’s changed. It’s 2017, for Christ’s sake. I think we’re ready for a woman to finally stand up and say, “Hey, I’m a boss bitch nasty old hag who needs a man to remind me what I’m good for.” It would be so empowering to hear that!


Imagine a world where women admitted that the only reason they were trying to claw their way up the professional ladder with their nasty vole claws was just because they weren’t having sex that was good. Is that so wrong to accept? No, embrace it!



Sure, it sounds dirty and degrading by old-fashioned standards, but millennial women are ready to embody new gender roles—ones where they fully embody the harsh feminine energy of acting like a batty old hen who’s just trying to rule the roost because she couldn’t keep the rooster crowing.


Are you with me ladies? If you’re ready to set yourselves free, say it with me: “I am an ambitious shrew who needs to get fucked and I don’t care who knows it!”


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